Timber Flooring

Our floors are designed using the multilayer construction devised and patented well over fifty years ago. The lamellae in the core is designed to move vertically when moisture is absorbed into the floor. At the same time the base layer and the decorative layer spread horizontally. This engineered system designed with the knowledge of how timber reacts to moisture ensures the floor expands and contracts in an even fashion. The end result is a stable, fully engineered floor that will perform year in and year out.

  • Stable in shape and of the highest quality.
  • Simple and quick to lay due to the high precision of its manufacture.
  • Available in designs to suit every taste.
  • Has a natural and beautiful appearance.
  • Hard wearing lacquer.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be re-sanded several times.
Surface treatment

Ready lacquered with UV cured acrylic-based lacquer. No solvents or formaldehyde. The lacquer is very hard wearing and preserves the wood’s natural appearance.


Multi-layer Engineered Floors are designed for installation on a flat sub-floor according to regulations HusAMA83Q 2 and RA 93 Hus Q2.2. The sub-floor must be dry, flat and stable. The sub-floor can be concrete, plywood, particleboard or timber.


3-strip boards: 1820mm x 190mm x 14.5mm
Single strip boards: 1820mm x 90mm, 145mm x 14.5mm
* 127mm single plank for Australian specie only.